Stay Humble. Stay Hungry.

A dynasty was forming for the 2010 to 2020 decade. It was the 2nd championship in 3 years for Coach Jay Wright and the Villanova Wildcats.

The unlikely Wildcats who heavily recruited guys who would stick around and play for others not themselves had established their dominance.

Under the leadership of Jay Wright, the Villanova Basketball program developed one of the most unselfish and hardest working cultures in college basketball.

Their mantra: Attitude. To them, it means Staying Humble and Staying Hungry.

They had a goal, and despite what anyone said or what obstacles were in their way, they stuck together and continuously moved forward. The result? The improbable. 2 National Championships.

How Did They Hustle?

Remember our Definition of Hustle? That’s exactly how they did it. They accepted losses. They didn’t get a big ego after a win. The only thing that mattered: the NCAA championship.

They worked their butts off and bought into Jay Wright’s culture. They were willing to make the extra pass to their teammate to score the points.

Simply put, they motivated themselves and each other to achieve their goals on and off the court. Like true champions.

What Can We Learn?

It’s a pretty awesome feeling to achieve a goal. It’s even more awesome when everyone doubts you.

There is just something about overcoming odds and obstacles that makes hustling that much sweeter.

As hustlers, we need to lock in on a goal. We may not have teammates but we can keep our head down and grind.

Nothing can come between us and our success if we don’t let it.

Stay Humble. Stay Hungry.

Learn More:

Jay Wright wrote a book on Attitude. There’s a lot to learn from it, sports fan or not. Go ahead and get a copy at a great price here: Attitude by Jay Wright

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