Well, this is the most fitting definition that pops up when you do a simple Google search.

(Thanks to the fine folks at Urban Dictionary of course.)

Hustle is definitely something that requires self motivation, energy, and a driving force (or a why) that cannot be held back no matter what the hell life throws at you.

It’s funny how people interpret Hustle isn’t it? You hear the people who say “I can’t hustle, I need to sleep!” Or, “that guy is a Hustler – stay away from him.”

You don’t have to be shady or an insomniac to Hustle. All you have to have is a purpose, and a “Get the Fuck Out of My Way” mentality.

That Single Mom who works 3 jobs to put food on the table for her kids, or to save up for college? Hustler.

The receptionist who loves numbers so she sacrificed two years of her personal time to pursue an accounting degree? Hustler.

The guy who had 10 bucks in his pocket, and seemingly no path forward? Yeah that’s right, he turned his passion into a business despite the cards being stacked against him because he was a HUSTLER!

Hustle comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. Hustle isn’t something you can buy. Other than it’s results it’s not something you can see.

One thing it is not – Bad. If you want something, go get it. What’s stopping you?

Tell us about how you hustle in the comments section and stay tuned…this is literally just the beginning 😊

Published by TheIconicHustler

Tired of the 9 to 5 grind and making others dreams come true? Let's come together & take back control of our dreams through hard work and hustle. We will inspire, motivate and help each other!

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