Happy Tuesday, Hustlers!

I hope your weekend was on point and you all enjoyed your Monday. It’s Tuesday and it’s go time!

My weekend was good except for a gigantic windstorm blowing a window straight out of my garage…

I want to first apologize for the radio silence, as I had to take a few days off from lighting up your feed with blog posts 😊

As I sat thinking about potential impacts of “Window-Geddon”, I kind of had a lightbulb go off…

Shit Like This is Why People Hustle!

There is obviously more to it, but I began to think of many reasons that people are so into side hustles, doing their own thing, etc.

With that being said here are my top reasons.

1. Wages are Disproportionate to Expenditures

Expenses > Income

This is more about mentality than it is about economic factors such as inflation. Certainly there is some effect from goods rising and wages staying stagnant, but that’s not the only contributor to this reasoning.

One of the larger issues at hand here is simply that people are living beyond their means.

Does a family of two need to pay for a 5 bedroom house? Maybe…but probably not. How about that sports car? Do you need a Ferrari when you are living paycheck to paycheck? Probably not.

So why do we do it? Sometimes out of love for houses and cars, etc. Mostly though it’s to win over the opinions of others.

One word for that: STOP. Everyone has different wants and goals in life. If you think you need to impress Tom down the street with your house to progress as a marketing manager – you’re wrong.

Tom doesn’t mean shit. Tom isn’t rolling up his sleeves everyday to progress your career. He isn’t paying your mortgage. His opinion about you or your belongings simply doesn’t matter in the big picture.

So what can you do? Live within your means. Take action on things that are relevant to your goals. Don’t waste time or money trying to satisfy Tom, when it puts you in a miserable position. It’s simply not good for you!

If you want more, hustle for it!

2. People are Mismanaged

Yeahhhh, I’m gonna need those TPS reports.

“If I were running things, I sure as hell wouldn’t have done it THAT way!”

How many times have you said or heard that phrase?

I hear it, and say it daily. I am human, and I have differing opinions. Are they always right? That’s a resounding HELL NO!

In my opinion, we are hearing phrases like this all too much. The mismanagement of resources is on the rise.

Examples of hot button issues such as wage gaps, nepatism, and huberus continue to be on the rise. Unfair expectations are being placed on employees forcing them into precarious situations to be fairly compensated or keep their jobs.

Corporate Governance, folks, the latest buzzword. Similar to business ethics. “Yes, we have a program and process – but it’s just a formality”

I am by no means saying that these things are running rampant or are to be expected. I have no earth shattering data leading to this revelation. This is simply by observing and listening to people.

These issue are simply becoming more prevalent. This prevalence has led to an uptick in those hustling on the side.

It could be out of fear that the bottom will fall out. It could be because of unfair compensation. Or it could even be because their mistreatment at work leaves them unfulfilled – but they love what they do so they go do it on their own.

In any case, I believe that mismanagement is a huge driver of hustle!

3. Doing What Others Want

You Do You!

Mom: “My son is going to MIT to be a mechanical engineer!”

Son: “Um, Mom, I want to be an auto mechanic – not a mechanical engineer”

Mom: “Oh that’s cute but that will never get you anywhere. You will love MIT, and mechanical engineering”

Son: “Ok mom, if that’s what will make you happy that’s what I will do”

This shit has to stop. Honestly.

Kids are being forced into colleges and career that their parents want for them!


Let’s be honest, we all want better for our kids. We want them to have a good career. We want them to be financially free. We want them to be successful.

The problem is that what we want and what they want may be two completely different things.

Oftentimes, parents want their kids to do something so they can up their social status. Other times, parents just don’t realize that through hard work and passion that the auto mechanic can be just as successful as a doctor.

How? Because money isn’t everything. And if that kid gets to work on cars all day, and make a living doing what he loves…he is successful. He is winning.

I’m not just targeting parents here. I am talking about neighbors, Guidance counselors, managers, etc. There is so much outside influence. People always seem to know what’s best for you because it’s what is best for their agenda.

Be different. Take a stance. Do what you want to do. Life is too short for regret!

So, what happened to the Son? He dropped out of MIT. He started the first mobile mechanic service in his hometown. He is making more money in a year than he would have if he were a mechanical engineer. He doesn’t have 150k in school debt. But most importantly, he is happy.

And mom? She’s never been more proud.

4. Mental Health & Wellness

This is a topic near and dear to me. It was not until a strong bout with anxiety a couple of years back that I realized the importance of mental health and wellness. (Note: This is simply for context, I am in no way shape or form pretending to understand what it’s like to go through a severe case of mental health issues)

I dug deep into my issues with my therapist. I began meditating. I began controlled breathing. I began a way of thinking that taught me to maximize each day.

This topic is becoming more public as we mourn the loss of public figures such as Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. These are the types of cases we see. However, there are so many others impacted by mental health on a daily basis that we do not know about.

It’s tragic and my heart goes out to each and every one of those experiencing trying times.

I have a pretty firm opinion that money is not the answer to mental health issues. Money can afford you the freedom to do what you love, but it doesn’t buy happiness.

So I guess you could say that I am a believer that being happy is more important than being rich.

I believe that a lot of people hustle because they enjoy it. It allows them to control their destiny, and do stuff they like to do on a daily basis. When you wake up and enjoy what you do, it is a lot easier mentally to get through the day.

This is a very serious topic. And I realize it is a fine line. I, in no way shape or form, intend for this to become a controversial post.

I simply wanted to highlight the fact that this increasingly important topic is driving many people to start hustling to allow themselves the freedom to have more positivity and passion for a larger chunk of each day.

If you are experiencing any kind of issue, please take it seriously. Know that you are not alone. There are vast resources available out there to you. Some of them can be found here: https://www.mentalhealth.gov

5. Opportunity to Do So

The Opportunity is Yours to Capitalize On

The last reason that people, hustle? Well…because they CAN!

2019 is a time that an 8 year old can make just as much money as a 58 year old. Example? Selling ‘slime’ at scale on the internet and peddling it in the cafeteria.

The keyword there is the internet. There are so many ways to make your dream hustle a reality.

Like to sell music gear and products? No money for an inventory or storefront? Well you can start a website for dirt cheap. Promote it on social. And affiliate market as you build your following.

Or you can start a dropshipping business on Shopify.

Your dream can be your hustle, not just a hobby.

Our grandparents and great grandparents did not have this opportunity.

Can you imagine if a guy in Idaho knew about and could purchase your grandmother’s double chocolate chip cookies in 1953? Famous Amos would be trembling in his boots!

The internet has provided a platform that allows all of our to pursue our passion, and it shows.

This leads me to the conclusion that as more people have access to a larger audience, multiple marketing platforms and a ton of distribution – people have the opportunity to hustle more, and they do!

I started this blog as a way of escapism, a way to vent, and a way to share an admiration of those who hustle.

Your support is & has been incredible! You could be reading anything else in the world right now, but you are rockin’ with me. And that is incredibly humbling.

In order to keep building momentum, I simply ask that if you like what I am putting out to like and follow the blog. Please feel free to comment – I want to be a part of the community and the conversation.

And please, if you found any value at all, share this!

Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Please also feel free to reach out on Twitter!

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  1. Some really interesting points here that I never thought about! I particularly agree with the doing what you want and what makes you happy; it’s sad that many people don’t follow their dream job because of pressure from other people. At the end of the day if you’re happy and it’s enabling you to survive then who cares what others think!


    1. Absolutely. Other people occupy space in our heads for free. When you stop giving a damn what others think of you, and start doing what makes you happy it unlocks a whole new level of happiness!

      Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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