“Dave is a piss poor employee. He goes right when we ask him to go left. He has no respect for the processes at this company. And even further, you never see him hanging around with his co-workers! But I can’t let him go…”

Does this sound familiar? If Dave is so terrible, why can’t the manager let him go?

The answer is simple: Dave gets results.

Unemployable is Not Such a Bad Thing

If you are still reading this, which I believe you are, that means you have taken home the key points from the manager’s statement.

  • Goes his Own Way
  • No respect for other people’s processes
  • Not spending time with coworkers

These sound terrible without knowing that Dave is crushing it. These traits certainly are found in the DNA of the unemployable. But if you change your perspective, these traits make up a significant amount of the DNA of a Hustler.

Maybe if the manager looked at Dave a little differently he would understand. Let’s break down these “knocks” individually.

He Goes Right When We Ask Him to Go Left

A person who goes right when asked to go left is not always just being rebellious.

In many instances, they believe so deeply in what they are trying to achieve and understand a better path to get there. They don’t like to take direction from others when they know how to get it done.

Now, obviously if you have mouths to feed you have to have some respect for the system. Therefore, I would highly recommend you politely disagree with your manager and explain your reasoning.

If they are unreasonable and still direct you, document the conversation and your assessment of the situation, do as your told and start looking for a new job 😊

Now, if you are hustling and you have this mentality – you are a step ahead.

Can you imagine if Bill Gates didn’t drop out of school? Or if Zucks shut down “The Facebook”?

If people took direction from others all of the time we would never have disruption, and we would never have innovation. Why? Because too many managers are coming to the fight with huge egos and selfish agendas.

Abandoning those egos and agendas creates large appeal to hustlers. The ability to make it or break it on their own. They are not depending on someone else’s beliefs or methods to get them to where they want.

If you are looking for statistical proof that more people are wising up, digest this – over 50 percent of the labor force is expected to be freelancing in some capacity by 2022. Over HALF!

So if you are stuck in a situation where you do not want others standing in your way, you may want to have an honest conversation with yourself.

There should never be a situation where you have to drastically change who you are to achieve what you want.

So if you are truly a hustler, Go Right.

No Respect for Other People’s Process

I believe Dave is right for questioning processes, but ultimately he has signed up to work for someone else so he needs to respect the processes.

However, a high performing employee who has no respect for cutting through red tape should alert the company.

Rather than bash Dave, the manager should communicate with him. He should figure out the pain points and assess what is really going on.

Furthermore, I would ask the following: If Dave has no respect for the process but he is a top performer, are those that respect the processes being held back by wasting valuable time adhering?

My point here is that oftentimes processes are ridiculous. Companies have to have governance and they have to have control.

But when something like setting a meeting with a potential customer or turning in a reimbursement request require 8 levels of verification people get fed up.

So, if you are not one for following ridiculous processes – you once again possess the DNA of a hustler. You would rather create your own and live by than die by the process of others!

Not Spending Time with Coworkers

So…this one will be short. Dave is crushing it. More so than others. But you want Dave to come off that grind to attend a happy hour?

Dave is simply hustling. He has audited himself and he understands that you are a product of who you surround yourself with. Maybe he doesn’t want to become a lower performer.

Also, Dave is clearly driven to get results. Every drink he has, every golf outing he attends, well quite simply it’s time away from his grind.

As long as he isn’t a locker room hazard it shouldn’t matter.

This is an aspect of being “unemployable” that you hear the likes of the most Iconic Hustlers talk about.

Spend your time wisely. Keep your eye on the prize and surround yourself with those who are like minded. Clearly, Dave has this figured out.

Maybe the manager doesn’t?

So…Is Unemployable Bad?

Unfortunately, there is a grey area here.

However, I do believe that unemployable traits are not such a bad thing if you look at multiple perspectives like we did with Dave.

I think if you are toxic to the organization, have zero productivity, and just simply do not mesh well – unemployable can be bad.

But in Dave’s case he doesn’t appear to be any of those if you look at it with an open mind.

But I will leave it up to you…is Dave a piss poor employee and completely unemployable?

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