The Must Have App to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Let’s go back to basics, Hustlers. Income – Expenses = Profits. Influencing either income or expenses drive your profits. You can diversify income or you can lessen expenses to maximize profits.

What if you could earn cash back, and establish a good income stream, from everyday expenses such as groceries and household items?

Well, now you can!

You’ve Gotta Ibotta!

Ibotta is a cash back platform that has offers on everyday products from pizzas to body wash. You can also earn cash back from online shopping on places like QVC.

I have had a tremendous amount of success using the app as the offers change each week and usually there are plenty of offers that fit my typical grocery list.

Now, you won’t make big money on a lot of offers. But if you shop quite a bit it adds up fast. And oftentimes they have “blanket” offers where you earn cash back just for going to the store.

There is also a feature where you and your friends can form a team, and as the team completes certain offers or hits certain levels you get bonus money.

Speaking of bonuses, there are so many obtainable bonus offers as well. Check their bonuses and plan your shopping around it to maximize.

And, their referral bonuses are awesome. Right now, they have a refer 3 and get 30 dollars program.

Earlier this year they gave you a share of a large purse for referring a certain amount of people.

Considering the value of Ibotta it should be so easy to get your friends and family to sign up!

So there you have it folks. This is by far my favorite way to earn cash back on the necessities of life. The app is user friendly, easy and free. If you want to get something back for doing something you have to anyway then sign up here today!

Please share if you think someone can benefit from this.

Like this post if you have started saving with Ibotta, and be sure to comment and let me know what you think of it 😊

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