Celebrate the Sun

It's Been Rainy and Murky But the sun is finally out. With Spring rapidly approaching, why not upgrade your accessory game? Check out these awesome shades we found! 1. Ballin' Wood Frame Men's Glasses ($8.99) 2. Fire, Vintage Women's Shades ($14.99) If you dig these, be sure to get your pair now! Deals, deals, deals! [...]

Wake Up with Some Hump Day Hustle Quotes

Sometimes All We Need Are Words of Wisdom It's the middle of the work week. Most people are winding down, but not you, you are grinding it out! Here are some motivational quotes to keep you going! 7 Iconic Hustle Quotes #1: 24/7 Hustle #2: It's Not Filled with Things You Like...All the Time #3: [...]

How Do You Say Hustle in Spanish?

Just a really quick post here... Hustlers exist in all cultures, locations shapes and forms. The word can also be translated in almost any language. One of my favorite languages is Spanish. It's just so romantic and so powerful. So without further ado here is what I found. I am open to corrections from any [...]

Tuesday Hustle: SWAG & Resources

Remember the old saying, "to play the part you gotta look the part?" Yeah, so do I. While I largely disagree with that term because I am fully on board with authenticity and being true to yourself.. nothing raises your confidence like a little knowledge and some fresh swag. Here are some recommendations on this [...]

My Earliest Memory of Hustling

The Beginning It was a crisp fall day in north central Pennsylvania. The sun was out, and the town was packed with community members sipping homemade apple cider and crushing fresh grilled hot dogs. It was my town's "Heritage Day" and this year was not like the prior years. Why? Because I was going to [...]

Get Your Hustle On with This Monday Playlist

Behind every great hustle is a great soundtrack...our Top 8 on our weekly playlist is below. Check these killer tracks out on Apple Music for free! Without Further Ado: 1. Demons and Angels - A Boogie with Da Hoodie ft. Juice Wrld 2. Monday to Monday - Saba 3. HUMBLE. - Kendrick Lamar 4. Win [...]

Let’s Celebrate Hustle Today

Happy President's Day We don't want to get political here, but when you think of hustle - it's hard to ignore the hustle from some of America's greatest men. The amount of grit to influence change in this country is unbelievable. The amount of perseverance required could break many men and women. The relentless pursuit [...]