How Do You Say Hustle in Spanish?

Just a really quick post here… Hustlers exist in all cultures, locations shapes and forms. The word can also be translated in almost any language. One of my favorite languages is Spanish. It’s just so romantic and so powerful. So without further ado here is what I found. I am open to corrections from any […]

Tuesday Hustle: SWAG & Resources

Remember the old saying, “to play the part you gotta look the part?” Yeah, so do I. While I largely disagree with that term because I am fully on board with authenticity and being true to yourself.. nothing raises your confidence like a little knowledge and some fresh swag. Here are some recommendations on this […]

My Earliest Memory of Hustling

The Beginning It was a crisp fall day in north central Pennsylvania. The sun was out, and the town was packed with community members sipping homemade apple cider and crushing fresh grilled hot dogs. It was my town’s “Heritage Day” and this year was not like the prior years. Why? Because I was going to […]

What Exactly is Hustle?

Well, this is the most fitting definition that pops up when you do a simple Google search. (Thanks to the fine folks at Urban Dictionary of course.) Hustle is definitely something that requires self motivation, energy, and a driving force (or a why) that cannot be held back no matter what the hell life throws […]