Are You Unemployable?

“Dave is a piss poor employee. He goes right when we ask him to go left. He has no respect for the processes at this company. And even further, you never see him hanging around with his co-workers! But I can’t let him go…” Does this sound familiar? If Dave is so terrible, why can’t […]

Music Monday: Here’s the Only Playlist You Need to Hustle Hard!

Mondays are definitely tough. But in the Hustle game you cannot stop moving forward. It’s amazing how a good beat can change your mood, or a killer lyric impact your mindset. Here are my favorite songs to motivate me to Hustle Hard this week!

Wake Up with Some Hump Day Hustle Quotes

Sometimes All We Need Are Words of Wisdom It’s the middle of the work week. Most people are winding down, but not you, you are grinding it out! Here are some motivational quotes to keep you going! 7 Iconic Hustle Quotes #1: 24/7 Hustle #2: It’s Not Filled with Things You Like…All the Time #3: […]

Tuesday Hustle: SWAG & Resources

Remember the old saying, “to play the part you gotta look the part?” Yeah, so do I. While I largely disagree with that term because I am fully on board with authenticity and being true to yourself.. nothing raises your confidence like a little knowledge and some fresh swag. Here are some recommendations on this […]

Get Your Hustle On with This Monday Playlist

Behind every great hustle is a great soundtrack…our Top 8 on our weekly playlist is below. Check these killer tracks out on Apple Music for free! Without Further Ado: 1. Demons and Angels – A Boogie with Da Hoodie ft. Juice Wrld 2. Monday to Monday – Saba 3. HUMBLE. – Kendrick Lamar 4. Win […]

How Attitude Impacts Hustle

Stay Humble. Stay Hungry. A dynasty was forming for the 2010 to 2020 decade. It was the 2nd championship in 3 years for Coach Jay Wright and the Villanova Wildcats. The unlikely Wildcats who heavily recruited guys who would stick around and play for others not themselves had established their dominance. Under the leadership of […]

What Exactly is Hustle?

Well, this is the most fitting definition that pops up when you do a simple Google search. (Thanks to the fine folks at Urban Dictionary of course.) Hustle is definitely something that requires self motivation, energy, and a driving force (or a why) that cannot be held back no matter what the hell life throws […]